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Zer da kontrol taula bat?


A control board is also a type of circuit board, although its application range is not as broad as that of a circuit board, it is more intelligent and automated than ordinary circuit boards. Simply put, a circuit board that can play a control role can be called a control board. From automated production equipment from manufacturers to toy remote-controlled cars for children, control boards are used internally.


Kontrol-taulak, oro har, panel bat, kontrol-taula nagusia eta gidari-plaka ditu.

1. Industria kontrolatzeko taula

2. Motorra kontrolatzeko taula

3. Etxetresnak kontrolatzeko taula

4. Gailu Medikoen Kontrol Batzordea

5. Automobilgintzako kontrol-panel elektronikoa

6. Potentzia kontrolatzeko taula digitala

7. Komunikazioa kontrolatzeko taula

8. Kontrol-taula/kontrol-sistema

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